Video surveillance makes use of security cameras to monitor the behavior, activities, and other variable information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people. CCTV cameras play an integral part in residential and commercial security. Video surveillance assists with security surveillance and police investigations, as well as acting as a deterrent for criminals. With iOTT’s video surveillance solution, the power lies in the software that enables access to recognitive and analytical capabilities. Our Video Surveillance Solutions combine traditional CCTV camera devices with modern, app-based technology that enables you to manage and control your home from your smartphone; all through your residential WiFi connection. Video Surveillance Solutions can be customised to suit a variety of residential and commercial environments; including residential estates, factories, shops and markets; ensuring the safety of both property and people.

They key components of video surveillance include a variety of security cameras, such as CCTV cameras, that can be used to increase both home security systems with home cameras, as well as commercial security with commercial-grade cameras.


Video Surveillance is essential when it comes to home security systems and many of iOTT’s technologies are adapted for the residential user. Our Video Surveillance Solutions make use of real-time alarms and CCTV cameras that are connected to both the homeowner and the command centre where both can immediately have eyes on their property. Through a combination of indoor and outdoor solutions, your house is secure when you leave. Outdoor motion detectors automatically trigger an alarm when someone breaks in and, through a home security app, the interior of your home is protected when you leave.


With iOTT’s security cameras’ analytical capabilities, a Guard Line Alarm can be added to any perimeter wall. This enables smart monitoring of all fences and will automatically send pop-up alarms to the command centre and your mobile phone when the line has been breached. This technology can also be used for all commercial buildings. The hardware has been specially designed to emit the lowest noise and has a long life span. Our long distance PTZ cameras can zoom up to 8KMs in the day and 5KMs at night and ensure visibility in diverse outdoor environments.


High-quality, real-time live view from anywhere


Once activated, the motion detector alarm restricts access


Anyone who crosses the guard line will trigger an alarm




Phrae, one of the oldest cities in Thailand, has a severe traffic problem. In order to provide improved traffic control, we provided a video surveillance solution.

KEDACOM front-end cameras were installed in eight key districts and areas with problematic traffic conditions. The tech is configured to read Thai license plates, recognise the color, shape and brand of different cars with its onboard algorithm, and provide the exact speed the car is going.

The double-sided, multiple layer design of the camera improves brightness by 10% and eliminates interference light from the environment and other vehicles. This function is particularly helpful in distinguishing illegal activity. The snapshots from KEDACOM cameras provide high-quality images to police officers, in order to identify, for example, when a driver is not wearing a seat belt or when they are on the phone.

Compared to ordinary surveillance cameras, KEDACOM cameras have multiple protection features. Besides being dust-free and waterproof, they can handle temperatures as high as 80℃ or as low as -45℃.

With KEDACOM’s solution, a real-time traffic feed provides Phrae authorities with a clear understanding of the traffic situation, enabling them to quickly come up with a solution to manage traffic flows through its AI big data algorithm. For example, when there is a car accident, police officers are notified immediately through the real-time display platform. By adjusting the KEDACOM cameras, they are able to establish direct contact with the scene of the accident, oversee the rescue operation and detour traffic around the scene.

The system also acts as a warning sign to drivers, forcing them to pay more attention to the road and not exceed the speed limits, therefore ensuring better road safety. According to the Phrae police department, the city’s accident rates have dropped gradually after the KEDACOM intelligent transportation system was installed.



Our solution improved the security of both the shop and the hotel by offering them 24/7 monitoring. The clients were able to access longer recordings, due to the HDD having more storage space. The Free CMS in the computer and the mobile app ensured that the client knew exactly what was happening onsite, no matter where they were. The high resolution security cameras and network video recorder (NVR) ensured more that 2 years of uptime.