Our Intelligent and Recognitive Solutions combine Artificial Intelligence with Video Surveillance and Recognitive technologies. These solutions offer facial recognition, face detection and license plate recognition cameras (LPR cameras), as well as tracking solutions. Intelligent and Recognitive Solutions can be optimised for commercial and residential entrances and surrounding areas.Numerous recognitive capabilities are used; including vehicle type, vehicle colour, vehicle model, and license plate recognition.

Additionally, the cameras can automatically recognise registered vehicles and open the gate through license plate recognition and the guards will be alerted if a blacklisted number plate approaches. Tracking Solutions make use of Starlight and IR Bullet cameras, which are both water and dustproof, ensuring high quality streaming as well as a longer lifespan.


Through facial recognition, the cameras monitor and compare people to the blacklist database, which automatically triggers an alarm if there’s a match


Manage vehicle entry and exit with Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR cameras)



Abu Dhabi has one of the world’s highest GDP per capita and is the wealthiest Emirate in the UAE. It has a high population density and many local and foreign companies look for business there. Since most of the foreign businesspeople stay in hotels, hotel security is very important.

At the entrance and exit of many hotels, the light contrast is too bright for images to be captured by a normal camera, and the quality of the human faces and surrounding objects captured becomes too dark to be recognised.

The box camera at the main entrance is not affected by the light because of the 120dB ultra WDR function, with unique auto exposure and an image enhancement algorithm. By improving the lighting environment, the camera is able to have a clear shot of a human face, which is required for facial recognition. Since there are many tourists from different countries, the cameras need to be precise when identifying facial features.

A semi-dome camera and bullet camera are also installed for surveillance, both indoors and outdoors. These cameras provide an excellent white balance function. The specialised adjustment algorithm makes the images more detailed compared to others. Furthermore, the white balance system has several modes, and the user can either set specific modes for monitoring certain light conditions or use auto-mode where the camera detects the current light condition and adjusts. In addition whether it is during the day, night or in any light condition the cameras are able to present clearer and true colour rendering.

KEDACOM provides solutions to more than thirty hotels in Abu Dhabi – including the Ritz-Carlton, the Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, and Meridian – and have successfully helped them solve their security issues.